1. Entry and Indemnity

1.1 All persons entering the property do so entirely at their own risk.
1.2 Strictly no entry without shareholders prior permission, and right of admission reserved.
1.3 Fees are payable on admission as per arrangement with management.
1.4 All shareholders and guests must, without exception, sign our visitor’s register at the gate on entering Kiepersolkloof. It helps us to keep track of who is currently resident on the property in case of any emergencies.
1.5 No visitors (except approved regular guests - see "definition" below) may enter the property unless accompanied by a shareholder.
1.6 Shareholders are entirely accountable for the well-being and conduct of any guests they invite onto the property, for the duration of their visit
1.7 The keys to the entrance gate may not, under any circumstances, be given to non-shareholders.
1.8 No animals may be brought onto the property. They are a disturbance and a threat to the abundant fauna and flora that reside on the property.
1.9 All persons entering the property must be aware that Kiepersolkloof is a naturist environment. All visitors and shareholders will be required to disrobe on entering the property if they intend to make use of the communal areas on the property. Should they prefer, they may remain clothed, but will then be expected to remain within the confines of their private dwelling and/or immediate garden area, or that of the shareholder who has invited them to visit the property.
1.10 All shareholders and visitors are required to acknowledge acceptance of these rules in writing.

2. Vehicles

2.1 The speed limit throughout is 10 kph.
2.2 Vehicles not adhering to acceptable noise levels are not permitted to enter the property (e.g.vehicles with noisy exhausts, etc.).
2.3 Vehicles may only be parked within the designated areas.
2.4 The use of vehicles once inside the property must be strictly limited. Please walk whenever possible – the property has a number of very pretty walks and there are no roads long enough to merit the constant use of a vehicle.

3. Accommodation

3.1 Caravans and tents may only be parked and erected on the sites designated by management.
3.2 There are ablutions available at the old manor house for the convenience of campers. Please keep them tidy and contact management should you experience any problems with the facilities.

4. Dress Code

4.1 Kiepersolkloof is a naturist environment, therefore anyone entering the communal area on the property will be expected to undress, weather permitting.
4.2 Please note that as the camping/caravanning facilities are within the communal area, all visitors will be expected to disrobe, weather permitting.
4.3 Visitors staying with shareholders must please note paragraph 1.9 above as regards the dress code.
4.4 For hygiene reasons, please sit on a towel within the communal areas.
4.5 Shoes and hats may be worn at any time. If a visitor is especially susceptible to sunburn, a top without bottom may be worn for protection.
4.6 During inclement weather, clothing may be worn to keep the body warm and comfortable.
4.7 Open weekends, where guests may wear clothing, may be arranged twice annually between May and August. Such weekends must be pre-arranged and consented to by all shareholders at least six weeks in advance.

5. Preservation of Nature

Kiepersolkloof is a nature reserve. Visitors and shareholders alike are required to treat our fauna and flora with respect. Some rules in this regard are the following:

5.1 No trees, shrubs or plants may be tampered with, trimmed, cut or removed without the permission and supervision of management.
5.2 No wildlife, viz. animals, birds, insects, nor their nests and habitats may be disturbed in any way.
5.3 No litter or waste matter (including cigarette stompies) may be discarded anywhere on the property. It is to be stored by the visitor or shareholder and removed by them from the property at the end of their stay as we do not have disposal facilities.
5.4 No wood whatsoever may be gathered on the property. Shareholders and visitors are requested to bring firewood with them if necessary.
5.5 No exotic plants may be planted on the property.
5.6 No animals, domestic or other, may be brought onto the property.

6. Fire Precautions

6.1 Please take the utmost care in preventing fires on the property. In winter especially, the bush is extremely dry and ignites very quickly.
6.2 In the case of an uncontrolled fire, please alert all residents immediately and contact the emergency services. All residents on the premises should be prepared to mobilize and fight the fire together.
6.3 Braai fires may only be made in designated braai facilities and must be totally extinguished after use.
6.4 No fireworks of any sort may be brought onto the property.
6.5 No burning cigarettes may be discarded or left unattended.

7. Water and Electricity

7.1 Please use water sparingly.
7.2 Do not water gardens when there are many people resident on the property.
7.3 The use of electrical appliances which consume a high current, viz. electric heaters, stoves, cookers, etc. is prohibited.

8. Noise Levels

8.1 Music, TV’s, radios, etc. must be played at a level that will not disturb other residents at Kiepersolkloof.
8.2 Except for approved, communal functions, no music, televisions, radios, etc. are to be played in communal areas.
8.3 Paragraph 2.2 above pertaining to vehicles must be adhered to.

9. Photographs and Video Recordings

9.1 Photographs and video recordings may only be made with the permission of those people being photographed or recorded.


• “Management” refers to one or more of the directors of Doornkom Ontwikkelings (Edms) Bpk, or their designated agent, acting on behalf of the body of shareholders of the company.
• “Shareholder” refers to any individual who holds shares in Doornkom Ontwikkelings (Edms) Bpk whose levies are fully paid up.
• “Visitor” refers to a guest of a shareholder or a day visitor not having a financial interest in Doornkom Ontwikkelings (Edms) Bpk, or a shareholder whose levies are not fully paid up.
• “Communal area” refers to all areas on the property with the exception of the private dwellings of shareholders and their immediate garden areas.
• "Approved Regular Guest" refers to an individual (usually a close relative of a shareholder) who is known to a number of shareholders and for whom a particular shareholder applies in writing to be given the status of approved regular guest, allowing the guest to enter the property unaccompanied.
• Exemption from adherence to specific rules may be granted in exceptional circumstances.

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